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Hi, I'm William



I was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky and I have lived in the area my entire life. I went to Warren East High School, went to Western Kentucky University, and I am now teaching at Warren East High School, Middle School, and the four elementary schools that lead into Warren East Middle School. The subject I am teaching is string orchestra. During my time in high school, I participated in the band program. I later went to Western Kentucky University to get a music education degree. As a student at WKU, I worked at a local McDonalds first as a grill cook, and then eventually as a swing shift manager until I started my teaching career. I was recently reelected for a second term as a city commissioner for the city of Plum Springs, Kentucky.


During my time as both a student, a worker at McDonald's, and now an educator, I have seen the issues plaguing the working-class Americans in Kentucky. The issues we are currently facing have been the same issues that we faced when I was a young man entering high school. It is time we have a change in leadership in Washington, and I believe that we can make that change for the better of our commonwealth.

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