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For the working people

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Equality Meets Opportunity

Kentucky has had a lack of representation for the working class for years. It is time that someone is in congress that will stand up for them, communicate with working families, and listen to what they need to survive and fight for those needs! We need a leader at the capital, and I believe that I can be that leader that makes Kentucky better for everyone!


Help make history in Kentucky


William's Stances
on the Issues

  • Teachers & Education
    Our education system is in need of reform. As a public school teacher, education is something near and dear to my heart. We need to provide more funds for schools to buy the resources and materials needed for the next generation to learn, and to pay educators what they truly deserve. We need to end standardized testing and state testing should not be tied to school funding. We need to provide resources for students to both learn the basics (Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading) and to explore other areas such as Art, Music, Farming and Agriculture Tech, Business, and other subjects of study. Most importantly, we need to ensure every student has access to a mental health counselor in the school. I also support student loan forgiveness of up to $50,000 in order to support our student’s economic futures.
  • Medicare For All
    I support Medicare for All. In Medicare for All, Medicare coverage will be expanded and improved to include: dental, hearing, vision, home- and community-based long-term care, in-patient and out-patient services, mental health and substance abuse treatment, reproductive and maternity care, and prescription drugs. I will also work to stop the pharmaceutical industry from ripping off the American people. Under Medicare for All, no one in America will pay over $200 a year for the medicine they need. Through the Affordable Care Act, Kentucky expanded Medicaid, which covered more people that previously made too much money to afford it, but not enough to afford private insurance. Due to that policy change, many Kentuckians are able to have insurance for the first time. With Medicare for All, many more Kentuckians will be covered for the first time in their lives.
  • Marijuana Legalization
    In Congress, I will work to legalize marijuana nationwide. We have seen success stories in many states on how it can safely be utilized. With the nationwide legalization of marijuana, we would see large economic job opportunities open up in Kentucky. This would give all farmers a chance to grow the new crop, provide nationwide funding for other drug safety programs, and would give us the chance to expunge the records of any person that has a marijuana charge.
  • Right to Choose
    I fully support programs and initiatives to lower the abortion rates all across our state and nation such as education programs and contraceptive programs. I also support a woman's right to privacy taken away by the Dobbs' decision as well as her right to make her own reproductive choices.
  • The Environment
    We are facing a major existential crisis when it comes to our environment. I will fight for greener energy to be used in the Commonwealth. I will work to transform our energy resources to renewable energy. By moving away from antique energy sources, we can create long-lasting, safe jobs in our Commonwealth that will provide stability for families in our nation. I support the legislation known as the Green New Deal.
  • Worker's Rights and Living Wages
    I support workers' right to unionize and to join existing unions without fear of retribution from their employers. I support raising the minimum wage to a livable wage. I support legislation such as the PRO Act; supporting workers' right to fight for better working conditions and repealing "Right to work" legislation.
  • Term Limits
    I believe that term limit laws should be passed for Congress. The longest serving Senator in office is in his eighth six-year term, and the current U.S. Representative who's been in office the longest is in his 22nd two-year term. These numbers are shameful, so I signed the National Term Limits on Congress Pledge. I will fight to pass this necessary legislation in the House.
  • The Economy
    Our economy is a big problem affecting everyone in Kentucky. For starters, I support legislation that will put a stop to corporate overreach and end price gouging at the gas pump. We have seen companies rake in record-breaking profits on the backs of the working people. I have a proven record of ensuring our taxpayer's money is used wisely as a city commissioner, and I will continue to do so in Washington. Whether it is $10, or $10 million, we must use our money responsibly and I will not vote for any legislation that creates unnecessary spending.
  • Justice System Reform
    Our criminal justice system is severely broken and needs massive reforms. If you commit a crime you should be tried, no matter what your occupation is, how much money you make, or any other societal or economic factors. We need to pass legislation on a national level to ban no-knock warrants. We also need to stop the for-profit prison complex. Prisons should be a place to reform offenders and give them a better chance at life when they are released. We also need to invest in better training programs for police and funding for dispatching mental health professionals in emergency situations when needed.
  • Veterans Affairs
    We need to invest more in veteran care. Veterans have selflessly put their lives on the line for our freedom and we need to thank them for it with action, not words. The way we treat our veterans when they come home from war is unacceptable. We need to provide better mental health care for our veterans and complete medical care, and we need to help re-acclimate them to civilian life. We also need to target the issue of homelessness and find a way to make sure our military veterans are not on the street without a roof over their heads. We also need to work to provide transportation for those who need it to and from grocery stores, doctors, jobs, and group help sessions.
  • Gender Equality
    When it comes to gender equality, I believe we still have many opportunities to improve. Here are the ways I will work to improve gender equality in our nation: I will support the Paycheck Fairness Act to end the gender wage gap; I will champion a Medicare for All platform to ensure everyone, regardless of gender, has access to healthcare; I will fight to end sexual harassment, discrimination, and violence in the workplace; and I will support environmental justice with adaptive resources for women.
  • LGBTQIA+ Rights
    When it comes to equal rights for all, we have made many amazing strides over the past few years, but our job is not done. I will fight for everyone's rights in Congress. I will fight for: Comprehensive Anti-Discrimination policies; Privacy protection for Transgender Americans; an LGBTQIA+ inclusive public education system; a guarantee that Transgender-affirming healthcare will be available to those who are transitioning; a nationwide ban on conversion therapy; ending the gay and transgender panic murder excuse; and ban intersex mutilation of babies.
  • Firearm Safety
    With the rise of mass shootings, we must do what's necessary to ensure our Nation is safe. I support legislation like red flag laws, stronger penalties on ghost gun manufacturers/buyers, ending the gun show loophole, and child safety and gun protection laws.
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