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For the working people

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Putting My Experience
to Work

I was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky and I have lived in the area my entire life. I went to Warren East High School, went to Western Kentucky University, and I am now teaching at Warren East High School, Middle School, and the four elementary schools that lead into Warren East Middle School. The subject I am teaching is string orchestra. During my time in high school, I participated in the band program. I later went to Western Kentucky University to get a music education degree. As a student at WKU, I worked at a local McDonalds first as a grill cook, and then eventually as a swing shift manager

until I started my teaching career. Currently, I am the newest member on the Plum Springs City Commission.

During my time as both a student, a worker at McDonald's, and now an educator, I have seen the issues plaguing the working-class Americans in Kentucky. The issues we are currently facing have been the same issues that we faced when I was a young man entering high school. It is time we have a change in leadership in Washington, and I believe that we can make that change for the better of our commonwealth.


Help make history in Kentucky



Equality Meets Opportunity

Kentucky has had a lack of representation for the working class for years. It is time that someone is in congress that will stand up for them, communicate with working families, and listen to what they need to survive and fight for those needs! We need a leader at the capital, and I believe that I can be that leader that makes Kentucky better for everyone!

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